The end of the semester, what now?

I am kind of sad writing this blog, because this is going to be my last blog that I am here at SUU. The semester is going to end in a couple of days and that means saying goodbye to my friends here, but on the other hand going home to my family and friends, so mixed emotions…IMG_9974

And what a semester was this, I lived my dream for sure, my dream came true and sometimes it felt that it wasn’t even real that I was here in the US… so weird!
But it was real and it was amazing, I enjoyed every moment of it. I made a lot of new friends, did some things I would never expected to do and traveled, but that is not over yet. Of course there were some moments, that you missed your friends and family back home, but then there were your friends here to help you, because they are in the same boat.
IMG_9972And friends here are going to feel like family, just as Cedar is going to feel like home, because you are spending 4 months here with them. You share the same thing, especially with the international students, they are here for study abroad as well, so they know how you’re feeling.
And then there were the Dutch students as well, it is nice to have some people of your own culture/language here at SUU, because otherwise you are going to miss to speak in your own language. And they became friends as well, luckily it is easy to meet them in the Netherlands, because we live max. 30 minutes from each other.
But my Dutchies are not the only ones I am going to meet when I am back in Europe. I IMG_9874am going to meet my roomie in Italy, and I am so glad we are, because we became really close. And that is not strange at all, because you live in the same room for 4 months, and if you’re sad/happy/mad or whatever she is in the same room so you’re going to share a lot and support each other a lot if you are lucky. And I was lucky to have a great one, so thankyou Vicky!

But I do not only want to thank Vicky, I want to thank all of the others as well, you made my study abroad even better!

So on the other hand sad to leave this amazing place, but on the other hand happy to go home… and that is going to be earlier than I had planned to.
After a while of good thinking, I decided to come home 2 weeks earlier, and I am happy I made this decision.
IMG_9971But before I go home, I still have two week left and I am going to enjoy them to the fullest. My dad is visiting me this Wednesday till Saturday, Saturday I will fly to Miami with my Dutchie (Renske) and after Miami I will end this adventure of a lifetime in San Diego. Two things I really wanted to do before I am going home.

I am not leaving America for long, I will be back in October, not here in Cedar, but in Boston and New York. So that will be sooner than I think.

Thankyou SUU, Thankyou Cedar City, Thankyou my friends, it was a pleasure!

See ya!


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