Why SUU, why Cedar City?

Why SUU, why Cedar City, do you like it here? That’s the question that I get asked a lot from the people here at SUU. When they are asking this question I answer with; Yes, I really like it here. The strange thing is that they look at me if I am stupid/crazy, I always have to repeat myself… But yes I really like it here at SUU in Cedar City!

Okay, I have to admit, my first experience with Cedar City was; okay so this is Cedar City (read almost nothing). Yes, there is almost nothing to do here in Cedar City, but the longer you are here, you are falling in love with Cedar City. How your time is going to be here is all to yourself.
During my stay here in Cedar City, I made quite a lot of city trips to big cities and I was always happy to be back again in Cedar City. Because it is going to feel like coming home.

But what about SUU and Cedar City?
I already wrote a blog about housing and meal plans at SUU, something we don’t know in the Netherlands. But the campus is different as well; it is bigger, they have fast-food chains, every building is different and you can have class in every building, there is not one building for each mayor. And you can choose and drop classes in the first two weeks of school, that is so weird, because I changed a lot in the first two weeks, something I can’t do at my university back home.IMG_9896
The things I like about SUU are; the people, they are so nice, they help you whenever you need help, hold doors for you even when you are kind of far away, they ask y
ou how you are or just say hi to you and the students in your class will have respect for you, because you are an international student. I heard it a few times, wow it is so nice how you are doing it here at SUU, and your English is good even it isn’t your native language. And by the people at SUU I also mean the professors, I had the luck to have really nice professors, they were really kind as well.
The other thing I really like about SUU are the activities they offer. From Chinese New Year to Casino Night and from SUU outdoors program (free hikes, free camping/climbing/mountain biking trips) to Black and White ball. Or go support the basketball, football or gymnastics team in your SUU outfit. We even got a Dutch showcase; we showed our culture one afternoon in the International office. We had typical Dutch games, Dutch music, Dutch cookies and Dutch sayings. And almost every other week there was another country that showed their culture. A fun way to learn about other cultures if you ask me.

And then Cedar City; Cedar City is a quiet town, it looks small, but if you look further it is kind of big. Like I said you can’t do much in Cedar City, but going to the Walmart is a trip on his own haha. There are a lot of restaurants, my favorite: Centro, it is an Italian restaurant and I loveIMG_9898 (1) Italy so a happy place for me. And you can go bowling, that is a fun thing to do for a couple of times. I am used to have a lot of bars in my hometown, but here you only have two bars, don’t ask me how they are, because I don’t know, because I am not allowed to go in there…
But around Cedar City there are a lot of fun things to do; go skiing in Brian Head, go hiking in Zion, Bryce Canyon, Kanarraville Falls even the Grand Canyon is a few hours away. If you are not an active person, go shopping in St. George or drive 2 hours more and you are in Las Vegas. Or if you want to relax and enjoy the sun drive 40 minutes and you are in Sand Hallow. A nice lake with a beach, where you can go swimming, kayaking, hire boat, try stand up paddling or just lay on the beach and watch the other people doing active stuff, haha.

My tip, make the best of it! You’re going to have a great time here at SUU in Cedar City, IMG_9897you’re going to make new friends from all over the world, hiking becomes a habit and so much more, that in the end you’re not want to go home…!

See ya!


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