Skiing, gotta love it!

Skiing, I love it! I learned skiing when I was 4 years old, that is a long time ago… But I still love to do it. Every Christmas holiday my family and I travel to Austria to ski in the Alps, because in the Netherlands you only can ski indoor, I guess that sounds weird, but yes you can do that in the Netherlands.

IMG_9903Every time my Christmas holiday ends, I am already excited to go next year. So skiing here in the USA was a really nice thing for me. I was so happy when I saw I could take the course skiing!
And instead of driving almost 9 hours, it is only a 45 minutes’ drive, a dream for me and just a shame I can’t share it with my family…
But that is not the only thing that I like about skiing here in the USA. The best thing is the snow, yes the snow. Because the last couple of years the snow in Austria was so so bad, I can’t even tell how bad it was. Like you were skiing on fake snow and next to you were rocks with sand and grass. And on the end of the day, you couldn’t ski anymore, because the snow was almost gone, so that was dangerous and bad for your ski’s or snowboard… Or it was so icy and that was also dangerous, because you could fall easily. Last year it was really icy; I saw a lot of accidents happening, not something you want to come home with…
But then I came here the snow, in one-word heaven! And maybe that sounds weird, but I couldn’t even remember the last time that I skied with the snow as good as here in Brian Head. Luckily I had a season pass for the semester, so I could go whenever I wanted to go, happiest girl on earth.

Brian Head wasn’t the only place I went skiing. I also went to Eagle Point with SUU Outdoors. It was a different ski resort than Brian Head, but that was fun, skiing in another place. The snow was good, the weather was perfect and I was with friends so that made it even better!IMG_9904

The only thing I missed during skiing, were my own ski shoes and ski’s, but that was a little bit too difficult to bring from the Netherlands to the USA, haha.

If you like skiing just as me, I would definitely take the course Skiing, because you get discount on your season pass and on renting ski’s or snowboards and as a student that’s always nice!

See ya!


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