My family is here

Yeeey, my family is here! Really? Yes, really they are here all the way from the Netherlands.

Maybe it sounds weird, but I think I looked forward to this moment, the moment I left the Netherlands. I’m really close with my family, so they visiting me here in the USA is more than wonderful! And the most wonderful thing is that my grandparents were here, they always promised me wherever I will go they will follow me in my dreams and they kept that promise. My mom visiting me here with her parents, my grandparents is a thing that I will cherish forever.

17390682_1275139075935127_461559116930732365_oBut there it was, after a night of little sleep, the Saturday that I would surprise them on the airport. My mom already knew that I would be there, but it was still so excited to pick them up. I was nervous, excited, I can’t even tell how I felt, there were a lot of emotions going through my body at the same time.
I was one hour earlier on the airport than they would arrive in Las Vegas, but I wanted to be in time, so that I wouldn’t miss the moment they walked into the arrival hall.
After waiting and waiting, I saw them in the distance and the funny thing my mom saw me as well, because I was wearing my yellow dress and she recognize that one out of everything. I made the sign to her, be quiet, because I wanted to ran to my grandparents and surprise them. And I succeeded, they were so surprised, that moment was so special, I was smiling the whole time. My granddad already had kind of the feeling I would be on the airport, but did not say a thing to my mom and grandma, they were so happy I was there and I was happy they were there!

We stayed in Las Vegas for one night, went to the restaurant I really wanted to go, Buddy V’s Ristorante in the Venetian, because I always watch his TV program. After a good night of sleep, we went shopping, because that is one of the favorite things my mom and I love to do.
After shopping it was time to drive to Cedar. It was funny, because we had a big car and my mom had to drive it, but she was a natural talent!

It was kind of weird being in Cedar with my family, because for 2,5 months being here without my family, I was here with them. Of course I showed them around at the campus, eat breakfast at Denny’s and went to Walmart. Unfortunately, I had to start classes again, so my family went to visit Salt Lake City.
Luckily I saw them again at Wednesday night and on Thursday we would start our little road trip. We had to wake up early, but it was worth it! We went to the Antelope Canyon in Page, it was a beautiful experience. I took picture the whole time, I just couldn’t stop, haha.
After Page it was time to go to Flagstaff, when we arrived in Flagstaff it was snowing. FullSizeRender-2And of course I did not bring any warm clothes with me, because I thought nice weather in Cedar, nice weather everywhere, but no… Luckily we went to better weather the next day, Sedona it was. As well a really nice town, kind of a Mexican feeling, I liked it!
On Saturday it was time to go back to Cedar again, but first we made a stop at the Grand Canyon, because why not? And yeah it is still an incredible creature, again made a lot of pictures.

Sunday morning, I was not looking forward to this morning, because I knew I had to say goodbye again… But you know what they say, on everything comes an end, as well my family visiting here in the USA…

One thing I know for sure, it was amazing that they were here, and I will never forget about this moment!

See ya!


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