Let’s go to LA

Spring break, as many people know THE break in the USA for students, known as a party break and famous from the movies I watch, because in the Netherlands we don’t know spring break as here.
But for me no party spring break, because I am a minor here in the USA. That’s fine by me, because for me a break for to see more of this beautiful country! The rest of my friend went for a party spring break to Cancun instead.
My trip, to LA with my Dutch friend Renske and I was really excited!


The last day of school before spring break, yay!
Renske and I were alone in the first weekend, because our friends already went to Mexico. But that was fine for us, time to do some fun stuff before we went to LA.
On Saturday we had the whole campus for our self, it was almost scary how quiet the campus was. We did a small walk around the campus and enjoyed the sun, because here in Utah you already can enjoy the sun in March!! In the evening we went to do something typical American in my eyes, BOWLING! Of course we had to be competitive, but in the end it was a tie, so there were no tears, haha!
Sunday was the day to wash our laundry and the hardest part, pack our bags for 1 week. Two girls, one big suitcase and still not enough room to take all the stuff we wanted. In the night it was finally time to go to LA, of course we had to wait for the Greyhound… more than one hour. They blamed it on the time difference between the winter and summer time, yeah well thank you for let us wait for one hour in the cold.

After kind of a long bus drive (read too long) we arrived in LA! During the bus drive we had quit the adventures; one man who snored so hard that we couldn’t sleep and then there was our wet backpack, because our hair mouse had exploded…
But there we were, LA; the city of the Walk of fame, Hollywood, Beverly hills, Rodeo Road, the expensive cars, the beaches and the palm trees. Our trip wasn’t about the typical things to do in LA, because Renske visited LA one week before we went and I went a few years ago. So we only did the two last things; the beaches and the palm trees.
We had a really nice Airbnb, we went to the beach, saw a lot of palm trees, cycled in Venice Beach and Santa Monica, went to the pier in Santa Monica, did some shopping, eat good food, but the most important thing we had a really nice relaxing spring break and did the things we thought that were important.IMG_9298 2

The week went by so fast, on Friday we already had to leave unfortunately. So again the long drive from LA to Cedar, but not for me my stop was in Las Vegas, because my mom and grandparents would arrive there on Saturday, yeeey!
But before we could leave LA there was some trouble, because I bought the wrong Greyhound ticket. Instead of Friday March 17th, I bought Friday February 17th … How stupid could I be… fortunately in the end everything worked out fine and I arrived safe in Las Vegas.

I almost couldn’t sleep, because the next day I would pick up my mom and grandparents from the airport as a surprise!!

So I think you already know, what my next blog is going to be about… Of course > My family is here!!!

See ya!


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