Snowshoe hike, check!

One of the things on my bucket list was snowshoe hiking; I did not have any special places where I would have want to do it. But in my third week a nice opportunity came up, Bryce Canyon! And my two Dutch friends Renske, Yusuf and I signed up for this trip.

The Wednesday before we went on the snowshoe hiking IMG_8483trip, we’ve got some information and we had to try the equipment for the trip. It was important that the shoes were the right size for you; otherwise it would be a long and difficult hike. The other import stuff was that you should have warm clothes, enough food and something to drink, because snowshoeing is kind of an intensive exercise.

And there it was the Saturday that the hike was going to happen. Because I wanted to be prepared and because we had to wake up early, I already got my stuff together the night before. I put on a lot of clothes, because they said it was going to be cold…
But when we arrived at Bryce Canyon it was warm, there was a lot of snow, but there also was the sun, and because of the intensive “work-out” you were not cold at all!IMG_8478

It was fun to try out the snowshoes for the first time; I felt like a duck… because you had to walk in a funny way otherwise you would fall. Of course I felt a couple of times… because that’s me haha!

I have to say it was BEAUTIFUL, I loved it! It was a really nice experience, because I saw Bryce Canyon one time before, but that was in the summer without the snow of course. And I prefer Bryce Canyon with snow; I think it looks even more beautiful then.

Look at the pictures and judge for yourself..

See ya!



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