Camping trip it is!

So my first camping trip in the USA and I can tell kind of my first camping trip ever…
I did sleep in a tent before, but that was in the backyard of my house or during a field hockey tournament of 3 days. So that is not camping for real real!

When I told my friends and family I was going to camp for the weekend, they laughed and asked me if I was sure or if I was making a joke. But no, I was not making a joke; I even planned the camping trip together with my Dutch friend Renske. We went to the SUU outdoors center for some help, because I did not know what to bring with us on the camping trip. I am camping newbie… Luckily the people at the SUU outdoors center were really helpful and showed us everything we needed. From the tents to the sleeping bags and the stuff to cook.

IMG_8741 3

We went with 9 people in total, all international students; The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. That is the nice part of study abroad, you meet people from all over the world!
The trip went to Valley of Fire State Park, because the weather would be really good and because it is one of the parks you need to see in my opinion.

We did some nice hikes; Elephant Rock, Rainbow Vista Trail and Fire Wave Trail. And we climbed a random rock, I was surprised I succeeded, because normally I am not that kind of hero, hahah!

The hikes, the people, the food, the stars, the campfire, the atmosphere and the weather was really nice! But if you ask me to go camping again, I do not think I am going to say yes… because I slept so horrible, but still it was nice to do this for the real outdoor IMG_8842experience.

Next blog, another outdoor experience…

See ya!




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