Meeting a familiar face in the USA

And there it was my trip to San Francisco and this one was a special trip, because I was not going alone, but with my friend Amber from the Netherlands.
Before I could step on the plane to San Francisco, I had to drive to Las Vegas, but I was lucky, because I could drive with two friends to Las Vegas. I stayed in a hostel for one night with Renske, it was horrible, because it was a really crappy one. After we walked from downtown to the Strip, we were so tired, because the walk was 1,5 hours and we had blisters all over our feet. After walking over the Strip we got an Uber back to the hostel and the Uber driver told us never to walk again from downtown to the Strip, because it is kind of dangerous for two girls in the night.

After my short stay in Las Vegas it was finally time to see my best friend again, I was so excited, but also a little bit nervous to see her again after 1,5 months. The nice part is that I know I am going to see her more times, because she has an internship in Portland, Oregon, that is why we met half way in San Francisco.
After a flight of 1,5 hours and the struggle finding each other on the airport, we could finally hug again. She was also excited and nervous to see me again, but from the first moment it was as we were back in the Netherlands again.
We also stayed in a hostel, but this one was a nice one except the neighborhood… There were a lot of homeless and weird people over there, so the tip we got was not to walk in the neighborhood during the day or whatever time of the day.
We did a lot of fun stuff, but the best part was seeing each other again. We had a lot to talk about, but I still think I forget to tell things.17021377_10212538914694187_424258706470490870_n
We went to the Golden Gate Bridge of course, went with a cable car, went to the pier, Fisherman’s Wharf and just walked around in the city. And two things that could not miss in this trip was good food and shopping, so that were also two things we did!

After three days it was time to say goodbye again, but the goodbye was not for long, because I would see here again in 4 days, and that time it would be in Portland.

Next blog, not about a citytrip, but about a campingtrip, so exciting!

See ya!


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