What about housing and meal plans?

As I ended my last blog post, it is definitely different than in The Netherlands. We do not know housing as it is here in the USA and we do not have meal plans.

Back in The Netherlands I live in the city where I study, Tilburg. But in The Netherlands it is not necessary to live in the city where you study, because The Netherlands is not that big. I even lived my first year of my education at my parents’ home in the village where I grew up. And to go to my university I only had to travel for 20 minutes by train and I was in Tilburg. After my first year I moved to Tilburg in a student house. I live there with 12 other students, boys and girls, different ages, different studies, so different than here. Back in The Netherlands I have my own big room and share the bathroom with 3 others and the kitchen with the 12 other students.
As you can tell I do not live on campus, because you are not able to live on campus. You can either live at your parents, on your own, in a student house or in a studio.

But how is it here in the USA? Here I live on img_8893campus, not in a room, but in a dorm. I live with two other girls and no you do not have your own room, I share my room with one girl. And we share the bathroom with each other, but I am used to that. But sharing my room is weird, you do not have some privacy, you are just there with the other girl. But luckily I am lucky, because my roommate is super! She is from Italy, and if you may know I LOVE Italy, so that is really nice. I already can speak some Italian words and I try to teach her some Dutch, so much fun. Her name is Vittoria and also 20 years old, love to smile, eat, partying and talking a lot haha, same as me! The other girl does not have a roommate, so she has more privacy, but I think because you live in a dorm it is fun to have a roommate. Her name is Sofia, 22 years old and from Scotland. I think we are lucky, because the three of us get along really good. We had to make some agreement about cleaning the bathroom, about using each other stuff, playing music etc. This was really easy, because we already talked about it before we had to make the agreement with the RA.

As I said before in The Netherlands I share the kitchen with my 12 other students in my student house, but here we only have one kitchen for the whole floor and I think we have over 10 rooms. So we HAVE to take a meal plan. You can choose different amount meals per week or in total, I chose 15 meals a week and with those 15 meals a week you get 75 dining dollars. You can use your 15 meals a week in different food corners on the university: the cafeteria (all kind of food), Chick fil a (chicken fast food), T-bird Grill (burgers), Papa John’s (pizza’s) and Crisp (tortillas and burritos). The dining dollars you can use to get some drinks, granola bars, crisps, coffee in the library or Starbucks.
I am still not used to the food here, because it is different in The Netherlands, in general I think the food is unhealthy and on the other hand I am used to cook my own food. So I have to find a balance between what I am used to and the food here, because I only want to leave the USA with overweight in my suitcase, because I shopped to much #shopaholic.

Not sure what my next post will be about, but I think it is going to be about my first road trip with friends!

See ya!


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