Well Hello America

What can I say about my first experience in the USA? If I am really honest, this was not my
first experience in the USA. I went to the USA three times before, but that was with my family. So I guess I have to call this my first experience in the USA on my own. Because it is on my own, I am out of my comfort zone, without my family and friends, so here I am.

When I stepped out of the plane, the first things I saw were the many fast food chains. I walked to one, but I only wanted a bottle of water. The cashier looked surprised when I only ordered a bottle of water. But I was not hungry, because I had a lot of food in the plane. And for one time the food in the plane was surprisingly good.
The other thing I noticed were the people who were really kind. They could tell that I am not an American, when I did not know where to go, they loved to help me. Eventually I found the baggage claim for my luggage. Then I had to find the SUU group for the shuttle to Cedar City, finally some familiar faces. I can tell you that is nice after a flight of 11 hours on your own.

After we waited for too long for all the people to gather, we had a drive for 3 hours to my final destination, Cedar City. When we drove away from Las Vegas I could see all the big hotels and buildings on the strip (not something you see in The Netherlands). I could even see the TRUMP hotel I stayed when I was in Las Vegas with my family.
I noticed the big highway and the speed limit. It is different, we have kilometers, here they have miles. We have blue traffic signs, here they have green traffic signs. If you drive to another city in The Netherlands you can see some things next to the highway, here in Utah you see nothing, yes you can see some grass, sand and mountains but that’s it.

After the 3 hour drive we arrived in Cedar City. I was so tired, because I was awake for over 24 hours. After I dropped my stuff in my new room or as they call it here, dorm. It was time to go to Walmart to get my first American groceries. Walmart is for American people a normal thing/supermarket, for me it was a walhalla of everything you want. Name
it and they have it at Walmart. This time I did not buy a lot at Walmart, just some water, fruit and granola bars, but I can tell you I was overwhelmed.

After the “trip” to Walmart I finally could go to bed, my god what a pleasure….

Next blog will be about housing and meal plans on SUU, but I can tell you it is a lot different than in The Netherlands.

See ya!



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