Here I GO

Here I GO. Really? Yes, really. Can’t believe it either. But there I go after 5 years my dream is finally coming true, study abroad in The USA.
But what about this blog? This blog will be my personal journal about my study abroad in The USA. That is not the only thing I am going to write about. Because travelling is also a big part of my life. So it will be a combination of both.
“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

But here I go, finally. After 3 months of preparation I guess I can say I am ready to go. But oh my, the preparations were tough. All the paperwork, the Visa application, the visit to the American consulate in Amsterdam, saying goodbye to the people you love, how to pack my clothes in my suitcases (I still think I did not pack enough) and eventually stepping on the plane to Las Vegas.

When I sat in the plane I was thinking no I do not want to go, but there was no way back. I was in the plane, almost in the air, I was really going to the USA. I cried a little bit, because I thought of the people I left behind, that I am going to miss them for 5 months and I did not want that. But fortunately there is the internet these days, so contact with them would not be the problem only the time difference.

After a flight of 11 hours I finally stepped foot on American ground. I was exhausted, but I was really there, my adventure had started.

Follow my blog to read about my adventure in the USA. Next blog will be about my first experiences in the USA. 

See ya! 


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